London, United Kingdom


  • 649-651 Commercial Road
  • Limehouse
  • London E14 7LW
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

Cafe Opening Times:
Mondays 9am-6pm*
Tuesday to Friday 9am-8pm
Saturdays 10am-5pm

Gallery Opening Times:
Monday………………... 12- 6pm*
Tuesday-Friday ……. 9am-6pm
Saturday………………. 10am-5pm

*Closed on Bank Holidays

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: Limehouse

Husk Coffee and Creative space is host to a range of local and professional artists, providing exhibition space in our gallery and on the cafe walls. We also run regular creative nights including creative workshops and arts events.

At Husk, we host the Continuum artist residency programme. It is a 6-month residency programme, designed to build community between local artists, and to provide time, space and support for them to develop their creative practice. The majority of our gallery exhibitions are the work of artists on this programme.

Husk is a project of London City Mission. As a not-for-profit organisation, we seek to serve and benefit local communities. We therefore have a preference for artists who live or work locally, have a connection to the local area, or are interested in making a positive impact on the community.


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