HICA (Highland Institute for Contemporary Art)

Loch Ruthven, United Kingdom


  • Dalcrombie
  • Loch Ruthven IV2 6UA
  • United Kingdom


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The Highland Institute for Contemporary Art (HICA) is an artist-run space, located near Inverness in the North of Scotland. The gallery occupies part of a farm building situated in hills close to Loch Ness. Its relatively remote setting provides a very particular context for exhibitions.

HICA was established in 2008, as a public contemporary art space, by the artists Geoff Lucas and Eilidh Lucas. 

HICA also enables artistic experiment, particularly around the project’s focus on the term Concrete Art: seeking to consider what a consistent and current understanding of a ‘concrete’ art may be, the project has, through its programmes, carried out an inquiry into the history of Concrete Art. 

The exhibitions that formed an initial investigative period (through the five-years from 2008), were reflected on, and explored in relation to ideas of the ‘concrete’, in discussions held at the gallery and in annual publications, excerpts from which are included on this site. (Publications are available through the publications page.)   

This investigative period culminated in our extended project through 2013, with Liam Gillick, and the various conclusions from these investigations are currently being developed and consolidated through a new phase of the project’s existence, under the title of HICA: HQ

Exhibiting artists