heike moras art

London, United Kingdom


  • 38 Alma Square
  • London NW8 9PY
  • United Kingdom

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Mon & Sat 9am–6pm


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heike moras art aims to bring emerging and established artistic talent to London. Located in a private townhouse, heike moras art is a contemporary art salon that offers an intimate and personal viewing experience away from the white-box format of conventional art galleries. The exhibition programme comprises of forward-thinking contemporary art in a variety of media that reflects the scope and diversity of the global artistic commune. Our ambition is to foster an understanding of new art and artists and we are dedicated to serve as a platform for artists which we consider to be relevant to the current discourse.

Heike Moras advises international collectors on establishing and maintaining contemporary art collections. Her previous employment with a private art dealer has fuelled a passion for emerging talent and provided her with a keen understanding of the contemporary art world. Heike received a Masters in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London and was awarded a distinction on her dissertation on the art market of Cuba. She periodically lectures on the Cuban art market. 

Exhibiting artists