HADA Contemporary

London, United Kingdom


  • 21 Vyner Street
  • London E2 9DG
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

Wednesday - Friday : 11am to 6pm
Saturday - Sunday : 11am to 4pm
or by appointment

As the first East Asian art gallery on Vyner Street, HADA Contemporary aims to cultivate the dialogue between East Asia and Europe by firmly positioning the art of each culture into the artistic hub of the other. It recognises the rich history of art of both regions it inhabits and those it represents, showcasing established and emerging artists from the East Asia with an emphasis on Korea. The often neglected diversity of history, cultural tradition and importance of local integration between the countries drives HADA to nurture artists in order to further bridge unfamiliar territories. By cultivating the relationship between these dynamic arenas exoticisation can be exchanged for appreciation.

The presence of HADA Contemporary on Vyner Street offers the opportunity to further explore the conversation between a variety of often estranged dialogues: that of 'East' and 'West', 'Tradition' and 'Conception', 'Them' and 'Context'. HADA embraces the platform for emerging talent and progressive artistic thought Vyner Street has historically provided. The entrepreneurialism and vision that characterises the establishment of the East London art scene, through the bold exploration of real and current exchanges of the world and its individuals through the visual arts, continues with HADA Contemporary.


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