Independent Space


Cologne, Germany


  • Ebertplatz
  • We are located in the passage.
  • Cologne
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 50668
  • Germany

Opening times

regular opening hours during exhibitions:
FR&SA 16-19h
Additionally open for events, see website for dates.

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: Köln Ebertplatz
Bus: Köln Ebertplatz
Train: Köln Hansaring


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The GOLD + BETON project at Ebertplatz is an uncommercial platform for young, alternative artists from in and outside Germany.
With this, the founders wish to promote up-and-coming artists and bring the art scene of tomorrow to Cologne. Founded in  2013, it soon became a heterogenous cultural meeting point due to its diverse events such as readings, performances, live music and the likes – besides the more conventional exhibition cycle.