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Global Art Perspectives is a diverse group of 5 artists located on 3 continents connected only by the internet and a shared interest in global issues including the environment, the economy, and cultural identity. Broad diversity in age, location, culture, and background gives this group a unique perspective to address a subject that is relevant both globally and locally.

The theme, Surface Tension, while having a straightforward, scientific meaning, is also open to interpretation in a number of ways, which encompass the varied social, environmental, and cultural interests of the group. In this online-only format we bring together a rich combination of our experiences from around the world.

The idea of group exhibitions has a solid history in the 20th century and our online exhibition Surface Tension is an online extension of that tradition bringing together a rich and varied combination of our experiences from around the globe.

If you enjoy our exhibition please make a donation to the global humanitarian charity Medicins Sans Frontiere (Doctors without Borders) using the link on this page. We wish to honour this organisation for its outstanding contribution to the lives of so many in troubled circumstances around the world.

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