Cultural Organisation






We curate and produce group exhibitions in interesting and unusual sites across London not previously appropriated or designated for the experience of art. Our hope is that through expanding the curatorial context we will reach new audiences, including those who might not normally think of visiting contemporary art exhibitions. Our concept for each presentation evolves directly from research on each site, engaging with local community and identifying and responding to opportunities with a playful curatorial approach.

UPCOMING PROJECT: Salon 63 seeks to explore and celebrate these extraordinary places. This endeavour feels all the more urgent in view of the imminent property and cross-rail developments in both Elephant and Castle and Peckham, threatening the survival of these rich and important sites of community.

…The redesign and renovation of a community Jacuzzi area in Old Kent Road’s Miami Health Club, a new dance-pump 'fake ballet' work inspired by the art of shampooing and this Club, a script derived from a giant Mexican wig’s encounter with Nigerian hair weavers’ displacement in Peckham. An investigation into the origins of Vietnamese nail technicians…

Just some of the projects you’ll encounter whilst alighting from the 63 bus this September.

The partner salons represent the vibrant diversity of the bus route, serving the local Dominican Republican, Algerian, Nigerian, Columbian, Ecuadorian and British communities in matters not only hair and beauty. Spending time in these spaces it is quite clear that the salon is so much more than a place of preening but rather a bastion of community support, friendship and fun.

This is a project that wants to ask questions.

What is a salon? What can a salon mean to its clientele? How can these spaces constitute or represent a community? How can community be expressed? What brings people together? What is a social space? How can dialogues between communities be instigated? How can art help us think about these questions? What is collaboration? How can art help us start conversations and create meaningful human relationships? What happens when a salon becomes a site of both production and display? Why do people gather? What is a safe space? What kind of space can cater for a diverse group of people? What happens when we think of the salon as a space of self-definition? What is self-care? Why do people really come to these salons?