Galerie Fantom

Berlin, Germany


  • Hektorstra├če
  • 9-10
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
  • 10711
  • Germany

Opening times

From June 15 to June 28, 4pm to 20pm. Exhibit opens June 15 at 7pm.

Travel Information

Bus: Halensee station in the Halensee district of Berlin. It is served by the S-Bahn lines S 41, S 42 and S 46.


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New works giving the artist's perception of the scope of current migration challenge and issues of belonging and inclusion, using iconography from Pygmy bark drawings.

Three series of paintings are presented. The "Survivor" series in particular renders homage to the unprecedented number of refugees fleeing across the Mediterranean at the peak of the migration crisis in 2015.
The full proceeds from the sale of the "Survivor" works will be given to humanitarian NGOs working with these people.

Bio info: Edgar Montana is a Colombian-American painter and sculptor, born in 1949 in the United States, living and working in France for the past 42 years.

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