Galerie Carzaniga Basel

Basel, Switzerland


  • Gemsberg 10
  • Basel
  • Basel City
  • 4051
  • Switzerland

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Mon - Fri 9 am - 6 pm
Sat. 10am - 4pm
And by appointment


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Since October 2004, the Carzaniga Gallery has been run by Arnaldo Carzaniga, Philipp Hediger and Markus Rück. The gallery previously existed under the name Galerie Carzaniga + Ueker. The focus is on classic Swiss art (including the group Red Blue and Group 33), as well as works of abstract expressionism, informal painting and contemporary Swiss art. The focus is mainly on paintings, but other media such as drawings, sculptures and photographs are also represented. The exhibitions with works on the art of the 20th and 21st century form a wonderful contrasts to the historical building of Basel's Old Town, in which the Carzaniga Gallery is located. Specially produced catalogs or monographs accompany the exhibitions, each lasting six to eight weeks. 

Since the 1 st October 2004, the gallery has been managed by the threepartners Arnaldo Carzaniga, Philipp Hediger, and Markus, who took part in the activities of the former Galerie Carzaniga + Ueker. The gallery's focus ranges from the exhibition of classic Swiss art (including group red-blue and group 33) to abstract expressionism, informal, and contemporary art from Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. The gallery's main focus is on painting, on the other hand. The gallery's vicinities are located in a historic building in the old town of Basel, offering an accentuated historical contrast and beautiful surroundings for the 20 th - and 21 st -century art.