Galera Gallery

Vilnius, Lithuania


  • Uzupio str. 2A
  • Vilnius
  • Vilniaus apskritis
  • 01200
  • Lithuania


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One of the most colourful and photogenic part of Vilnius is Uzupis Art Gallery, named Galera. It was founded in 1995. The spirit of the place and the worldview of  the artists composing the core of the institution leads to the informality as the main feature of the exhibition space. Expanding gradually (from several to hundreds of square meters) the  gallery has been functioning not only as exposition, but also as the work area. Galera is a multifunctional place suitable for exhibitions, communication and even residence. By its nature and strategies Galley is closer to the colony of open-minded artists than to formal  art exhibition room space. Being situated near the fast-flowing river, the institution  and its name (Galera, eng.Galley) reminds going upstream not only by a ship bound, but also in all senses. But in this case the artists are forced to sweat  working as ancient slaves, nailed to a heavy oars of galley. On the contrary, they are following their inner freedom and necessity because the  conditions to realize the ideas in Galera are particularly favorable. As a result you can see exhibitions, projects, festivals and symposiums held regularly, together with works in Galera and its approaches which are born completely spontaneously. Put together all these works provide a specific, unrestrained and spontaneous atmosphere…

According to this, Uzupis is not a property but a place of spiritual reliance, thefore you can call yourself the resident of Uzupis even if you live far away of Vilnius. Uzupis is accustomed and does not mind to be calling the Montmartre of Vilnius or being compared with other related art squares. Uzupis prefers to be felt rather than to be named.

The goal of “Galera” is to encourage alternative contemporary art development, the development of professional art and community art phenomenon, creating unique conditions for young artists’ creative self-expression.

Exhibition space “Galera” is a rich and unique historical place in Vilnius, so much attention given to the gallery traditions and uniqueness (alternative freedom) preservation – every year the traditional exhibition are planed in “Galera” : Uzupis calendar holiday celebrations , Uzupis plain air painting , and so on. Uzupis is the exclusive place in Vilnius ,in which not only creates, but also home many well-known artists of Vilnius , because of this in the gallery planned Uzupis artists presentations. New gallery stage and important activities associated with UMI activities and the objectives is to promote the “incubation” of young artists , and part-time gallery exhibition practice space on UMI resident creative presentation.



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