Cultural Organisation

Gabriel Caruana Foundation

Birkirkara, Malta


  • The Mill
  • Bwieraq St
  • Birkirkara
  • Malta


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The Gabriel Caruana Foundation provides opportunities in the artistic and creative fields to modern and contemporary artists. The Foundation fosters diversity, as well as social and cultural dialogue and development through local, national and international networks. The Foundation promotes and develops systems supporting artists’ legacy.

The Gabriel Caruana Foundation fosters creativity and innovation within the modern and contemporary art sector in Malta. The Foundation strives to raise awareness, appreciation, participation and provide opportunities in modern and contemporary art. The Gabriel Caruana Foundation, a non-profit organisation, shall strive to reach-out, collaborate, and engage with the general public and other entities.

The birth of the Gabriel Caruana Foundation is the natural progression of a lifetime that Gabriel Caruana has dedicated to art, building a legacy, a philosophy of life that he himself, his family and a few close friends would like to see continued. The Gabriel Caruana Foundation has been established to promote and preserve the artistic legacy of modern and contemporary art exponents, to encourage and provide opportunities for established and emerging artists and to raise awareness and promote quality modern and contemporary art in the Maltese Islands and beyond.

Exhibiting artists