FQ Projects

Shanghai, China


  • House 76, 927 Huaihai Road MIddle
  • Shanghai
  • Shanghai Shi
  • 200020
  • China

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Open 11am-7pm Tue-Sun


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FQ Projects provides a unique platform for the promotion and development of young and mid-career Chinese contemporary artists. It is located in Huai Hai Fang, a lane favored by the Shanghainese bourgeois class and at the heart of Shanghai both geographically and culturally.

Over the years FQ Projects has participated in a number of major international art fairs in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Busan, Los Angles, London and Melbourne among others. In addition, a number of magazines and TV channels, such as Time Out, That’s Shanghai Art in Asia, Channel Young, ICS and No. 1 Finacial Channel often publish articles and interviews about FQ Projects and its exhibitions. Our international outreach, combined with frequent media coverage, has ensured our artists are always visible.

Many of the artists supported by FQ Projects have, in fact, achieved recognition worldwide. The young Shanghanese artist Yang Yongliang stands out as one of the gallery’s best success. Not only is he considered one of the most up-and-coming young artist in China, his works are now shown throughout the world and their value has impressively increased.

Each Year FQ Projects carries out a number of exhibitions by artists working with different medium, designed to bring together a varied audience, from artists to critics, from curators to collectors and the general public.

“非青计划”为中国当代年青和新艺术家及其作品展览提供专业的推广平台,座落于茂名南路南昌路的文化名坊 – 淮海坊(原霞飞坊)内。南昌路茂名南路附近一带从二三十年代以来就一直为海派文化氛围和上海中上层社会气质的代表之一。

在 过去的几年中,“非青计划”参加了数量众多的重要国际艺术展会,主要展会城市有:上海,香港,新加坡,釜山,洛杉矶,伦敦以及纽约等。除此以外,一些艺术 杂志与电视频道如Time Out, That’s Shanghai Art in Asia, Channel Young, ICS,第一财经等也时常报道,刊登关于“非青计划”艺术家及展览的报道和采访。同时,我们也与国外的专业机构合作,使得我们的艺术家们在国际的舞台上展 露风采。