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Athens, Greece


  • Fokidos 21
  • Athens 11526
  • Greece

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Open by appointment only.

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Tube / Metro: Ampelokipoi Station


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Fokidos is a parallel project of artist Sofia Stevi, sometimes with artist George Jacotey and sometimes with others. The current base is an apartment in Athens. The apartment is the epicentre, the axis of the Fokidos circle but there are many lines, angles and tangents spinning out from it. Fokidos has several faces such as a place to make exhibitions, present performances and spoken word and a hostel for artists. The emphasis is on creating a dialogue, a game, a bond between artists, writers and thinkers based in Athens and abroad.

Fokidos is about feeling free, safe and diverse to develop ideas and act without the market anxiety.

Current Themes

Domesticity / Nomadic Tendencies, Correspondence - Instruction Shows, Googledocs, Rooftop Poetry, Spirituality, Youtube Yoga / Dance Lessons, Athens –> Helsinki, Free Authorship, … 

Fokidos was found in Athens in September 2013 by Sofia Stevi and Bobby Dowler.