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Flash of Splendour

Eynsham, United Kingdom


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  • United Kingdom


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About Flash of Splendour

“A treasure trove of creativity and personal expression.”
David Cameron, Prime Minister
“Such a wonderful idea!”
Simon Schama

Founded in 2009 in memory of Oxford-educated historian and novelist,Felicity Avery (1928-2008), Flash of Splendour is a non-profit educational organization, based in Oxford. We work internationally to empower disabled, marginalized and disadvantaged children and young people through the creative arts, including music, theatre, film, fine art and creative literacy.
Using innovative methodology and new pedagogical approaches, we enable students to understand, enjoy and interpret cultural forms, ideas and texts, which would normally be closed to them. In our programmes, children positioned on the edges of society through disability, conflict or poverty, develop new academic and creative skills, and a profound sense of self-confidence and self-empowerment, which reaches beyond school into adulthood, beyond the microcosm of the classroom into the wider community.