Berlin, Germany


  • Silbersteinstr 133
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
  • 12051
  • Germany

Opening times

Thursday 2–6PM, 7–9PM
Friday 2–6PM, 7–9PM
Saturday 2–8PM


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FKKollektiv is a space for collaborative learning. It is a platform for the exchange of ideas and skills supporting personal, artistic, professional growth.
We are an interdisciplinary multitude of artists coming from varying countries, cultures, academic, creative and practical backgrounds, each bringing in their perspective into the one or all of the platforms we offer.
F.K.Kollektiv started as a photography based group, meeting weekly to critique each other’s work, focusing on personal projects that would develop over a longer period of time. Nearly three years later the kollektiv has become a network for the emergence of themes reflected within photography, sculpture, installation, performance, workshop. Building collaborations, reactions and conversations.

F.K.Kollektiv is partnered with
Æther gallery; Sofia, Bulgaria
BasementArtsProject; Leeds, UK
Art School Berlin, Berlin

Exhibiting artists