Five Years

London, United Kingdom


  • Unit 2B1, 9-15 Elthorne Road
  • Entrance on Boothby Road
  • London
  • England
  • N19 4AJ
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

Saturday - Sunday 1-6pm

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Tube / Metro: Tube: Bethnal Green
Train: Train: Cambridge Heath

Founded in 1998, Five Years' initial aim was to set up a gallery which was artist-run and where programming would maintain a direct relationship to practice. Five Years continues to develop this aim of maintaining close links between the production and exhibition of visual art, and the discourse which informs it. In February 2007 the membership was expanded to form a loose knit collective of artists including Jo Addison, Michelle Deignan, Edward Dorrian, Rochelle Fry, Marc Hulson, Cedar Lewisohn, Louisa Minkin, Sally Morfill, Susan Morris, Esther Planas, Alex Schady, Francis Summers and Alice Walton.

Rather than acting as a 'curatorial' entity, the group's members continue to develop exhibition projects based around concerns emerging from their own practices; offering these projects as frameworks within which other artists can, through participation, respond to or engage in dialogue around the concerns being discussed by the group. Through these processes, Five Years aims to create a context which fosters productive dialogue between artists and the exposure of ambitious new work.


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