Cultural Organisation

farm Studio

Indore, India


  • Village-Raniya kheda, Post Andore,
  • Tehsil Sheoganj, Dist Sirohi, Rajasthan(INDIA)
  • Indore
  • Gujarat
  • 307043
  • India

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FARM Studio was founded to realize the creative potential of exchange, dialogue and collaboration between Indian rural artists and artisans and international contemporary artists. Officially established as a non-profit organization in 2009, FARM Studio grew out of the the rural-based Sowing Seeds Art Project.  Locally, FARM Studio promotes and celebrates community artistic and cultural identity and supports community-based activities.

FARM Studio International Art Residency is an open platform where creativity can unfold free from accustomed distractions. Artists can work in a unique atmosphere and in new environments where the potential for developing new works and/or collaborations between artists and artisans exists. Jodhpur (urban) and Andore (rural) have always been cultural hubs with longstanding traditions of art. Along with providing a residency centre for contemporary and traditional artists, we interact closely with, and encourage artists, writers, curators and critics, to engage with the local farmer communities.