EX NUNC is a curatorial and editorial project that aims to map, analyse and question the theory and practice of performance art and performativity. EX NUNC occupies both an on-line and off-line dimension; the former is represented by the website, which is structured as a polyhedral platform for presentation of meaningful material, the latter consists in a series of curatorial interventions taking place in different international locations.

As a research-oriented project, EX NUNC intends to add a relevant contribution to the contemporary discourse about performance art. The on-line platform will focus each year on a specific subject-matter, which will be explored across the website's three main sections: Curatorial, Journal and Atlas. 

('from now on' in Latin) EX NUNC is a space for experimentation, open to performance artists, curators, writers, art historians and everyone in between. 

EX NUNC topic of choice for 2015/2016, Historical Body, aims to open up a meaningful reflection about Performance Art and Performativity, concerning History, narratives, body, presence, present, past and future.