Evin Art Gallery

Istanbul, Turkey


  • Büyük Bebek Deresi Sokak No: 13
  • Istanbul
  • Istanbul
  • 34342
  • Turkey

Opening times

Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm


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Since its inception in 1996, Evin Art Gallery continues to serve art enthusiasts at its private premises in Istanbul’s historic Bebek district. Through a renovation work carried out for the first time in Turkey, this architecturally exceptional building was redesigned into a custom-built art gallery while preserving intact all its historic features. The premises comprise two floors of exhibition halls, separate floors housing the Gallery’s collections, archives and offices and also provides a private closed car park. 

Evin Art Gallery, ever mindful of the significance of trust and expertise as the essential elements of professional gallery management, has established its distinct institutional identity in the world of Turkish art. By virtue of its system of certification designed to protect the interests of both the artist and the collector concerning works of art, it has assumed a pioneering role in the art markets of Turkey. Gallery Evin undertakes in full, the representation and promotion of its contracted artists and holds exhibitions of the works of masters of Turkish painting as well as those of promising young artists. 

Exhibiting artists