Cultural Organisation

EMERGE — Contemporary Art Agency

Torres Vedras, Portugal


  • Rua Princesa Maria Benedita, Nº 6, 5.º D
  • Torres Vedras
  • Lisbon
  • 2560-359
  • Portugal


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Our mission is to promote a safe and profitable investment in emerging art from all over the world. By developing strategies that will enhance the value of the artists represented by EMERGE and by offering reliable and quality services to bring the art collector closer to the emerging artist, we aim to better advice the art investor while introducing the emerging artist in the global art market.

Our vision is to help emerging artists to realize and achieve their full potential by providing them all the necessary tools and strategies, thus creating new dynamics that will benefit the art market.

We intend to affirm ourselves as one of the main emerging art agencies worldwide by providing highly professional services from the artist to the collector best interests.

Moved by the challenge and thrill to conquer new art markets we are fully committed to service you and give all the tools for your professional growth.


Represented Artists