El Refri

Glasgow, United Kingdom


  • 19 Kier Street
  • Glasgow
  • Scotland
  • G41 2N0
  • United Kingdom


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El Refri is an artist run contemporary art space located in Glasgow, Scotland. The name comes from the Mexican Spanish word refri that is commonly used as a shortened version the word refrigerador, which literally means refrigerator.

The actual art space is located within the confines of a fridge, and like any other white cube gallery space allows showing a wide range of artistic ventures. Furthermore given the space’s architecture and advance technology, we are proud to say we have temperature controlled rooms, thus preserving and extending the life of all the works we show. And unlike any other art space the venue’s geographical location may change, thus keeping-up with contemporary artists’ increasing world mobility!

for more informations please visit our website or Facebook.

Exhibiting artists