Cultural Organisation

Disorder Live Art




Disorder Live Art is a not for profit organisation founded in 2018. Our mission is to promote research and artistic practices with a focus on performance and live art.

Through the creation of an open, itinerant network, we facilitate engagement through practice, reaching a multitude of audiences, inside and outside of institutional spaces, operating in the UK and internationally.

We collaborate and offer a platform to art practitioners at various stages of their career and with a diverse professional background, allowing an intergenerational and cultural exchange and promoting collaborations.

The artists who work with us are offered the opportunity to explore and develop their research by testing the impact of their work in different contexts, bridging the gap between communities and studio practice, and rethinking traditional formats for producing and showcasing live art.

Our public program includes exhibitions, group shows and festivals, reading groups, and public workshops.  Through these different modes of engagement, we produce methodologies of research which contribute to the discourse around liveness, participation and accessibility within the arts.