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The DAM project engages, as one of its main focuses, with historical approaches associated with the early pioneers of computer art. Vera Molnar and Manfred Mohr are just two examples of trailblazers in the development of digital art who are featured in DAM GALLERY, which follows this development right up to well-known contemporary artists such as JODI, Casey Reas and Eelco Brand. The online museum is a comprehensive reference resource that catalogues artist portraits and oeuvres as a research tool and archive. Since 2005, DAM has also at regular intervals initiated the presentation of the DAM DIGITAL ART AWARD [DDAA], which honours the life work of an artist. This award not only helps financially support the artists, but often also leads to their being noticed and recognised by art historians for the first time.

In the galleries in Berlin (since 2003) and Frankfurt (2013/14), Wolf Lieser puts together several exhibitions each year, sometimes presenting work cycles of individual artists, but on other occasions also offering a curated, themed cross-section through the history of digital art in group shows.

In events associated with the exhibition programme, the gallery often interrogates the connections between digital art, society and individual ways of life as well as with the fine arts and the traditional art market. Younger artists such as Aram Bartholl and Evan Roth explore the relationship between virtual and real self-images, and their interactions. And a new generation of artists is beginning to evolve that, as so-called “digital natives”, no longer necessarily make use of digital means in their works. Digital concepts and behaviours, such as connectivity, interactivity, liveness and repetition, are nonetheless inherent in their partly analogue works. 

In 2010, our book “Digital Art” (hardcover with DVD) was published, an introductory work about digital art in five languages with abundant visual material. We would be happy to assist you as a competent partner for exhibitions, setting up collections, public art projects and virtual projects on the Internet in the field of digital art. 

The gallery is run by Wolf Lieser.

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