Dab Art Co.

Los Angeles, United States


  • 334 S Main Street
  • Ste. 5001
  • Los Angeles
  • California
  • 90013
  • United States

Opening times

Closed: 15-Nov-2019 to 01-Dec-2019

Dab Art is a distinctive art company dedicated to enhancing the contemporary art experience for artists, collectors and viewers in and outside the gallery setting. The Dab Art Co. embraces the relentless evolution of contemporary art by featuring experimental artists, highlighting innovative techniques and utilizing technological advances.

GALLERY | Located within Downtown LA’s infamous Historic Core, Dab Art Co. & Gallery is in the heart of the LA Arts District. All year round a Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk is a monthly event that positively impacts the local community, artists, galleries and businesses by injecting an additional 200,000 patrons each year into the local economy.

ABOUT | In 2011 Yessíca Torres co-opened H Gallery + Studios in Ventura, California. As co-owner and chief curator of H Gallery, Yessíca’s contemporary and modern program was a clear break from the conventional art scene that surrounded her. Keeping focused on emerging and mid-career artists, H Gallery’s progressive gallery design and ambitious exhibition schedule were received with immediate regional success. Yessíca still owns H Gallery, which is now one of the most prevailing contemporary art spaces in the greater Los Angeles area.

With the revelation that art exposure should not be limited by physical location, Yessíca independently established Dab Art in 2014. Mainly focusing on mid-career to established artists, Dab Art’s current inventory of international artwork is available for purchase online. Our partnership with Arsty has greatly expanded our collector visibility, elevating the Dab Art sales experience.

Dab Art Co. headquarters and main Gallery are located in the historic District of Downtown Los Angeles. Since it’s initial launch, Dab Art has expanded from standard gallery exhibitions to art publications, artist talks, panel discussions, video profiles, exhibition videos and now, documentary filmmaking; featuring our most remarkable and distinguished artists.


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