Corner Art Space

Seoul, South Korea


  • 1F. 580-6 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
  • Seoul
  • 서울특별시
  • 135-120
  • South Korea


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Dissolution of the boundary of cultural capital: The Corner Art Space is an alternative space located at an intersection in Angujeong-dong, the center of the consumer culture in Korea. The space organizes site-specific exhibitions that correspond to the socioeconomic characteristics of the so-called ‘Gangnam.’ If the display window of the department store across the road exists for the designer goods, the display window of the Corner Art Space exists for the artistic attitude that dissolves the solid boundaries of cultural capital.

Inside and outside of a white cube: The Corner Art Space is a window gallery which overcomes the communication limits of a white cube gallery. The Corner Art Space disperses the traditional boundary splitting the inside and the outside of a gallery and it provides the passers-by an unexpected opportunity to encounter arts. The Corner Art Space moves beyond a modernism gallery which turns arts into a private possession by separating arts and life. It aspires after arts for sharing not for possession.

New art creators and consumers: The Corner Art Space narrows the gap between artists’ thoughts and products and the sentiments and tastes of the public. It introduces modern arts as well as various experiments in design, fashion, and music, in which art creators collide with the contemporary reality. The Corner Art Space promotes the potential senses and perception of new art consumers.