CF Hill Art Space

Stockholm, Sweden


  • Norrlandsgatan 24
  • 2nd floor
  • Stockholm
  • Stockholms län
  • 111 43
  • Sweden

Opening times

Monday to Friday from 11.30-17.00, or by appointment.


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C F Hill is loyal to the art and independent of the world.

C F Hill’s main focus is to provide high level service and independent advice to both individuals and corporations. We operate independently, but have close relations and cooperation with several other leading players in the art
market. We also especially want to emphasise our global partnership with Christie's, which gives our clients access to the world's leading experts.

C F Hill operates in several areas of the arts. We are doing private sales, consigning art and works of art and design to auction houses all over the world. We are providing and curating exhibitions in-house and also provide Swedish and international contemporary artists the venues they deserve.

C F Hill is led by Anna-Karin Pusic, Michael Storåkers and Michael Elmenbeck, three partners with diverse characteristics and experiences, but a shared passion for art and creating maximum results.

Exhibiting artists