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Centro Jobel

Torricella In Sabina, Italy


  • Loc colle migliarino snc
  • Torricella In Sabina
  • Rieti
  • 02030
  • Italy

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10:00 – 18:00
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Just outside of Rome, in the geographic center of Italy, a hilly landscape stretches in a still uncontaminated rural context lapped by the ancient “Road of Salt” (the Via Salaria), among the tiny town of Torricella in Sabina. In this land of olive trees, small medieval villages and beautiful lakes, the International Headquarters of Gruppo Jobel were established in 2003.

CENTRO JOBEL is a creative hub with international artistic prestige, endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities. It was designed as a small hilltop village, with guest rooms, canteen and studios for creative activities and cultural research.

It hosts everyday artists, students, and Jobel partners from all over the world, organizing cultural initiatives such as rehearsals, workshops, training activities for schools and universities, Creative Campus and residential programs for artists.

GRUPPO JOBEL – ART FOR EARTH is an international cultural organization that has committed to raising awareness and engagement about social and environmental issues through artistic and educational programs since 2000.

Working both globally and locally, it supports governments, institutions, UN Agencies, NGOs, the private sector, educational organizations, and local communities to deliver cultural messages related to sustainable visions, turning carelessness into responsibility.

We believe in the role of artists as privileged messengers to disseminate good practices and create new, sustainable ways of thinking through creativity and involving languages.

To support partners, local communities and people, we designed several flexible formats of multidisciplinary artistic actions to be tailor-made and meet their specific needs (CREATIVE TOOLS).

We dedicate great efforts in working with and for young people, involving children, adolescents and young adults in educational projects, career guidance programs and non-formal learning platforms aimed at: developing creative and critical thinking skills; raising awareness about youth rights, good practices and sustainable topics; disseminating a sense of responsibility about the active role that new generations should play as important agents of change in order to achieve social and environmental goals; ensuring their engagement, empowerment and full expression through creative and artistic tools.

Therefore, we design specific educational programs to collaborate with schools, universities, local communities and cultural centres.