Centre d'Art Santa Mònica

Barcelona, Spain


  • La Rambla, 7
  • Barcelona
  • Catalunya
  • 08002
  • Spain

Opening times

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 9pm
Sundays and holidays, 11am to 5pm
Closed on Monday
Admission Free

Arts Santa Mònica closes on:
Good Friday, Christmas Day, St. Boxing Day,
New Year's Day, Epiphany and 1st May


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Arts Santa Mònica is a centre that is dedicated to exploring creativity and innovation in today’s digital culture across all its multiple formats and artistic languages. It is a centre for the arts and art-related projects, cross-cutting disciplines, experimentation, risk and new areas of research. ASM focuses on transmedia narratives in which reflection and current affairs serve to guide the centre’s collaborative programme while creating a network encompassing an enormous variety of projects and local and international institutions. The centre is regarded as an intermediary that has a new cultural management profile and aims to monitor the vitality of the Catalan cultural scene and the creation of contemporary culture.

The exhibitions organized by Arts Santa Mònica cover an enormously diverse range of creative disciplines, including architecture, performing arts, visual arts, music, literature, design and gastronomy. It also organizes an extensive range of activities related to the exhibitions and acts as host in collaboration with other artistic institutions.

Arts Santa Mònica undertakes research, production and exhibition and promotes artistic production and residencies for local and international researchers and creatives, always remaining in close contact with creatives, professionals in the cultural sector and their research. It is a centre that is strongly committed to providing support to projects of an educational nature that are related to the neighbourhood, the city and the region, and which encourage dialogue and the participation of local residents. It is a space that is open to a diverse public; a public that considers art to be a tool for reflection and/or enjoyment. ASM is a platform for cultural participation and a place where citizens can socialize, learn and actively engage.