Berlin, Germany


  • Eisenacher Straße 57
  • Berlin
  • Zehlendorf
  • 10823
  • Germany

Opening times

Tuesday to Friday: 11.30 – 6.30 p.m.
Saturday: 11.30 – 6.00 p.m.


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We believe Art can show alternative forms of production and mediation. By connecting art as a cultural form with social research, cavuspace aims to create an open and experimental process of socially active creation. Imagining the different as well as showing the real. Developing Art as an incubator and convinced in the socio-political power of art. Our attempt is to address crises and to rebuild community/ies through art. 
In summary, engaging with (artistic) practices that improve our current world.

Our goals: to engage with culture, seek a relationship with its audience and influence social strategy. The dissolution of boundaries of art as well as other formations. We value empathy as an agent, where the antithesis between myself and the object disappears, or rather does not yet exist.

What we do: we promote interaction and change, we let Art participate directly in the social, we provide a space to produce meanings, subjects and territories by means of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, etc.

How we do it: we grant a creative and critical space that mobilizes social projects.
 cavuspace engages cross thinking and presents Human, Medial and Technical assemblages, not only it produces or presents artwork(s) but also works for a collective imaginary. To examine community structures and their potential contribution to social cohesion, trust, mutuality, co-operation and openness.

CAVU: An acronym used in aviation, meaning “Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited”. Used by Pilots describe ideal flying conditions. A situation that is desirable or sought after!

Exhibiting Artists