Cave Space

London, United Kingdom


  • 81 Tachebrook Street
  • Pimlico
  • London
  • England
  • SW1V 2QP
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

Thursday 10am - 6pm

Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday 11am - 5pm

Sunday 12pm - 4pm

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: Pimlico Tube
Train: Victoria Station


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Cave is a multi-functional Artist lead space.

Today’s emerging artists entering the contemporary art world are aware that they will very likely have to commit to a second paying job for the foreseeable future to make ends meet. But with this knowledge they still make the decision to pursue a career in the arts.

The day to day running of cave comprises of a second hand shop with workshop and studio space selling ready-mades, re-claimed and found objects some as seen, some being worked on by cave artists to create ad hoc and bespoke pieces to be sold to passing trade. We also generate income by the sale of works of art, craft, vintage and designer items from invited artists and donators…

cave's objectives are to keep the interest around the space exciting with an ever changing range of things on sale with proposed and spontaneous creative happenings within the space. A space that people will want to come to just to see ‘what’s happening there today’. The space is well stocked with the never ending amount of things found daily discarded on the streets of Pimlico from old furniture, re-claimed building materials and everyday objects, with the hope that over time people will drop selective things into us to be re-cycled, transformed and given a new life for others to enjoy or by commissioning our cave artists to refresh and re-create.

Connecting with other art spaces, galleries, artists, institutions in the area, we will open up an exchange of ideas to realise the potential of the area and the diverse mix of people in it.

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