Casoria Contemporary Art Museum

Naples, Italy


  • via Duca D'Aosta 63
  • Naples
  • Campania
  • 80026
  • Italy

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10.00 / 13.30 - 16.00 / 19.30


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CAM_Casoria Contemporary Art Museum was born in 2005 with the aim to become a cultural pole, an experimental laboratory but, above all, as a point of reference for universal contemporary art with an open context.

Founded and directed by Antonio Manfredi, starts from the general consideration that a public collection of art is mirror of the times art and culture. Therefore the attention of the museum team is focused on a fundamental aim: the Museum to be a cultural reference point, stimulating for everybody and not at all a static place. The Museum means therefore to be a place of meeting and exchange, with wide and several cultural programs addressed to the visitors.

This operation is meant to create a village of shapes, a kind of ideal city, where the present works live together in an harmonious way, allowing them to express their differences.

CAM_Casoria Contemporary Art Museum was not born as mere cultural exhibition machine, not even as museum containing simulacra, but it is close to how we would like a museum to be today: a place where culture and research is produced, where didactics is carried, stimulating an hermeneutic experience of the contemporary, where creativity is visualized, where the current aesthetic complexity is known and practiced.

The collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Casoria is open to an international growth; worldwide artists are in there with no prejudices on regards of any country nor ethnicity.

The main objective is to bring closer and involve all of those interested  to contemporary art and sensible to the fast revolution of expressive forms all over the world. Through periodical workshops – where artists are invited and involved – the interaction between artists exposing and visitors is carried so as to make contemporary art clear and comprehensible to all those people willing to open up their own horizons.

It extends on an area of 3.500 sm ca out of which 3.000 sm are permanent exhibition.

It permanently exposes and has acquired in its collection 1200 works ca of contemporary art of painting, sculpture, photography, video and installations by important worldwide artists.

Its multimedia and far east art collection is among the biggest and its collection of contemporary Neapolitan artists (from the second post-war period till today) is among the most complete in Italy.
It has one of Europe’s largest collections of video art, Oriental and African contemporary art.

Among its activities is the promotion, exhibition, cataloguing, collection of works and books on contemporary art.

Travelling exhibitions and events are also carried in cooperation with important overseas Museums of Contemporary Art. Guided tours through its spaces for teachers, pupils and students are also arranged.