Casement Arts

Folkestone, United Kingdom


  • 25
  • Tontine Street
  • Folkestone
  • England
  • CT201JU
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

open 24 hours every day of the week

Casement transformation of one of Tontine Street’s windows into an exciting new gallery proposition- the Casement Arts Project Space. Enclosed behind glass, Casement is constantly open to the public. A gallery that no one can enter but anyone can see.

This exciting new venture offers opportunities to artists and audiences to engage with an energetic schedule of a new shows opening every 14 days. To accompany each show a multiple will be created in the form of limited editions, publications, artist proofs and more which are available in the online store.  

Casement’s physical space of just 111 x 167 x 50 cm (0.93m³) offers artists and designers an intriguing site specific opportunity to explore the possibilities of a space restricted by size but not ambition. Forthcoming projects include group shows, performances, design and sound art by leading and emerging artists.

Casement is a collaboration between Faye Golley, curator, and Terry Smith, visual artist. 


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