Casa dei Tre Oci

Venice, Italy


  • Fondamenta Zitelle 43
  • Giudecca Island
  • Venice
  • Veneto
  • 30133
  • Italy

Opening times

daily / everyday
10:00 to 18:00
closed Tuesday


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La Casa dei Tre Oci, beautiful Venetian architecture testimony of early '900, was designed by the artist Mario De Maria (Marius Pictor) and built in 1913 on the island of Giudecca, the center of the San Marco basin, opposite the Square and Doge's Palace. 
The building is one of the major episodes of neo-Gothic architecture of Venice, so that it was declared in 2007 by the Regional Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Landscape of the Veneto sake of historical and artistic interest. 

After a careful restoration by the Polymnia, operating company of the Venice Foundation, which bought it in 2000, the Casa dei Tre Oci became in 2012 an exhibition space open to the public, privileged campus computing and cultural comparison on contemporary languages, with particular attention to photography. The exhibition space of the Casa dei Tre Oci is a project of the Foundation of Venice and Polymnia by Civita Tre Venezie, in collaboration with Veneto Banca and Grafica Veneta.

Exhibiting Artists