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Aulus-les-Bains, France


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Bus: Bus from Toulouse, or Saint Girons
Train: Nearest station: Toulouse. Then bus.

Nestled in the French Pyrenees at 750m altitude, 10km from the Spanish border and surrounded by snowcapped peaks, waterfalls and forests, is the picturesque thermal town of Aulus-les-bains. In the town, housed in a beautifully renovated 19th century hotel, is CAMP - the first of a new breed of arts residency. In 2018, CAMP will run a series of arts, music, writing and arts-activist sessions. These are no ordinary courses - they are intense, artistic catalysts run by internationally acclaimed practitioners; creative flashpoints designed to change the lives of everyone involved. The courses combine work in our well equipped facilities with projects carried out in the mountains.

CAMP houses advanced facilities available to all residential students - a Pro Tools studio, digital video and photography editing suites, rehearsal and performance spaces, fine art studios, a cinema and an arts library. Accommodation is provided at the centre in peaceful, private rooms, and all catering is included - this is one of the most celebrated regions of France for cheese, wine and other local produce. It's a place where great art is made, new movements are formed, new ideas are explored and groundbreaking people are nurtured. It's about generating revolutions, incubating creative minds and bringing the best emerging practitioners in all artistic fields to their full potential.

Our courses include Environmental Sound Recording with Chris Watson, Modern Composition with Gavin Bryars, Experimental COmposition and Performance with Eli Keszler, Deep listening, meditation and laughter with Laraaji, and much more.


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