Independent Space

Cable Depot

London, United Kingdom


  • 8 Submarine Cable Depot
  • (Bottom of Warspite Road & turn right into industrial yard)
  • London
  • England
  • SE18 5NX
  • United Kingdom

Regular hours

10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 14:00

Travel Information

Bus: Nearest Bus Stop: Warspite Road. Busses 177, 161, 180, 472 from Greenwich and North Greenwich
Train: Nearest train station: Woolwich Dockyard. Trains regularly from London Bridge


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CABLE DEPOT is a storage unit on a mixed use industrial estate. It serves as an art space within a 4m by 4m enclosure and hosts a programme of around four ten-week partially-funded projects each year.

The programme is curated a year and a half to two years in advance, allowing for proper development of ideas, which may take the form of an exhibition, residency, or some other format which is determined individually with each invited artist, artist-group, or curator. The emphasis is on the creation of serious projects, with a preference for experimental or new bodies of work, making use of the space and the institution-length access of up to 3 months (including generous installation and break down either end). The programme is by invitation and is based on long-standing relationships with artists and curators. However, within the long term view of the development of Cable Depot, provision exists for the creation, over time, of new relationships and discovery and embracing of new artists and curators and new forms of art.

To this end, the exhibition programme is punctuated by relatively free, experimental periods which allow for play, taking chances and getting to know new artists before potentially making longer term commitments. There is space between longer projects, usually available within a few months notice, and inquiries are welcome from artists at any stage in their life to pitch their ideas for one-evening events. Of particuar interest are film/video screenings making use of the AV facilities, but also experimental ideas, performances, talks, events or other innovative or surprising formats. In some instances it is also possible to accomodate short projects of 2 to 14 days duration, but preference is given to one-night happenings.

Associated exhibitions and events

Exhibiting artists