Brussels, Belgium


  • RUE BORRENS 32-34
  • 1050
  • Brussels
  • Bruxelles
  • Belgium

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The CAB is a private contemporary art centre that opened in April 2012. It is dedicated to promote contemporary art through the organisation of art projects in its impressive architectural space situated near the Etangs d’Ixelles in Brussels.

The exhibition space and office are located in a 1930s Art Deco-style warehouse, which was originally built for the coal mining industry. The 800m2 building has been renovated completely - in collaboration with the architect Olivier Dwek - into a clean open space dedicated to art, providing true flexibility and modularity to various projects amidst the building’s authentic architecture.

The CAB's purpose is to actively participate in the promotion and exchange of Belgian and international contemporary art. Its mission consists in supporting artists by giving them more visibility, in a venue that is neither an institution nor a gallery. The CAB thus organises two projects every year, from September to December and from April to June, by inviting a guest curator from a Belgian or international museum or gallery.

The two projects can either feature Belgian and international works centred around a common theme, with a commentary provided by the curator; or provocative works by artists from diverse cultures, allowing artists to present a wide range of themes, influences and messages that have not been previously seen in Belgium. An important theme nonetheless remains the implantation of those works in the CAB’s architectural space. Therefore, in situ works are highly encouraged. With those two projects every year, the CAB aims to inspire dialogue, energise and inform the public about the emerging art scenes.

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