c3 Contemporary Art Space

Abbotsford, Australia


  • The Abbotsford Convent
  • 1 St Heliers Street
  • Abbotsford
  • Victoria
  • 3067
  • Australia


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c3 is a hybrid gallery that incorporates elements of traditional publicly funded galleries and that of an artist-run model. It presents the large-scale access outcomes offered by public and institutional galleries, yet remains firmly anchored within a community based,
artist-run philosophy.

c3 operates three main exhibition galleries that comprise of six individual rooms. The curatorial vision encompasses a wide range of art forms, including contemporary and experimental art, design, web based art, architecture, craft, fashion, community based projects and performance/sound works. c3 supports projects that demonstrate new and innovative approaches towards the production of art and ideas.

Risk and experimentation are encouraged.

A core practice of c3 is the development of professional practice skills for artists. A comprehensive hands-on approach is taken to assist artists in the realisation of quality exhibition outcomes and maturation of individual practice particularly in terms of curatorial refinement, and professional and ethical conduct.

c3 forms a key element of the Abbotsford Convent Foundation’s vision to be a unique arts, culture and learning project that fosters and connects artistic, community, heritage and visitor experiences. The gallery brings contemporary art to a large and varied audience with visitor numbers averaging up to 4000 visitors per exhibition.
The Abbotsford Convent Foundation has committed considerable resources with a view to ongoing long-term support of c3.

Gallery 1 consists of 4 individual rooms that can be approached as singular galleries, or as one large space for ambitious projects and group shows.
The foyer is a light filled space that has one hanging wall and ample floor space. Space A and B suit small to medium projects in a wide variety of formats and the Project Room is well suited to small, intimate projects and AV work.
Gallery 2 is a large, versatile and flexible space that can accommodate a wide variety of outcomes. Large-scale sculpture, installation practice, 2D work (large or small) immersive AV work or exhibitions that needs a large area with room to breathe.
Gallery 3 is the same floor space as Gallery 2 but with a different wall configuration that encourages a number of architectural zones within the space.

The c3 committee assesses all applications and makes its determinations based on originality of the proposed exhibition, quality of previous work, benefit to the audience and artist, experience and ability to deliver the proposed exhibition and political, social and environmental relevance to the site.