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January 27th from 5:30-9:30pm


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We would like to invite you to the opening of MythoErotics at Boîte Noire Gallery next Friday, January 27th from 5:30-9:30pm. The artists, Diane + Theodore explore the multiple forms of relationship between two beings, through the prisms of eroticismand mythology.

As the artists come together to create, they experience conflicting feelings: freedom and entrapment, quest and surrender, hunting and hunted. Ultimately the goal of their creative process is to examine the superficiality of sexual tension, and to explore the profound depth of Greek and Mesopotamian myths reflected in one’s own private or universal mythology. 

MythoErotics is a monumental site-specific black and white fresco that illustrates a mythical storytelling of the volatile yet immortal power of love. This is the first time that the artists have worked together and it will be the first time that they are exhibiting in the United States.

The site-specific installation includes wallpaper created from large-scale drawings by the artists that will cover 190 square meters of the gallery. The preparatory drawings and original lithographs will also be on view along with the book that accompanies the exhibition. The artists wanted the artwork to be accessible to the public - giving the public the opportunity to select a portion of the monumental wall installation for their own home as wallpaper or as an original framed work of art. 


Attached please find the invitation and press release for the exhibition. Please contact us for further information and you can check out the event on Facebook here:






Nena Kellar

Assistant to the Director

Boîte Noire Gallery

Pacific Design Center, 8687 Melrose Avenue, Space B222 

West Hollywood, CA 90069


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