Blue Dot Generation




Blue Dot Generation is a sustainability platform that promotes the use of the arts for education. By engaging local communities and inspiring international audiences through art exhibitions and workshops, music, documentary film, and conferences we will transform the relationship between people and our blue planet.

Blue Dot Generation brings together the creatives, scientists and entrepreneurs who are creating solutions to the problems our planet is facing. Creativity is equally essential to science as it is to art. Artists and scientists have an appreciation for the beauty of the world and a shared interest in creating something new. We will highlight the beauty of the ocean, educate green and non green audiences about what to do with our waste by presenting the dangers it threatens and we will promote ways to live without plastic. Most importantly we will show people that this is not just an environmental issue, but a global one and that it is not too late to start now.

From the 27th to the 30th of September, Blue Dot Generation presents their first arts for education event in London at The House of Vans, Waterloo. This will be an immersive experience that reinforces the current conversation about the way we treat our planet, looking specifically at the ocean and plastic pollution. ‘It’s only 1 plastic bag,’ say 7 billion people. Blue Dot Generation will change people’s habits by helping them visualise the seriousness of the issues we as human beings are facing.