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Berlin, Germany


  • Prinzenallee 59
  • Berlin
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Monday – Thursday 9 am – 6 pm
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bi’bak* (“Have a Look!” in Turkish)

bi’bak is a non-profit association for contemporary art and community-based projects that runs an independent project space in Berlin-Wedding.

bi’bak engages with a variety of sociopolitical issues such as migration, discourses on mobility, the construction of identities, labor questions, and cultural memory. Interdisciplinary projects offer alternative perspectives and initiate new discourses on pressing debates that all too often seem unsolvable and intransigent.

bi’bak‘s program brings together the diverse disciplines of art, science, and community development. It includes exhibitions, film screenings, workshops as well as leisurely music performances and entertaining culinary events.

bi’bak is very interested in the development of innovative and site-specific concepts of art education and participatory projects, relying on an exchange of ideas, knowledge and creativity.

bi’bak aims to showcase transnational collaborations with cultural actors, project spaces and initiatives. Starting from interdisciplinary collaborations between Berlin and Istanbul, we have grown into an international network for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and know-how. We believe in a decentralised and rhizomatic connection between art, design, sciences, participation, urban/ public space and local activism.

Exhibiting Artists