BC Gallery

Berlin, Germany


  • Libauer Str. 14
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
  • 10245
  • Germany


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BC Gallery was founded in April 2013 by Nick Bargezi, a sound designer and art collector from Basel Switzerland and is managed by Phillipp Barth. The Berlin based gallery has since established itself in the high-end urban and contemporary art market, featuring regular solo and group exhibitions by internationally renowned and upcoming contemporary artists.

The gallery‘s main goal is to provide artists and collectors alike with a reliable and sustainable platform. An important part of maintaining success and sustainability as a gallery is having a team which constantly and with passion researches and develops within the rapidly changing art market. It is our goal to provide artists with the support they need to produce their work, consult with our clients with professional and thoroughly researched market development advice and to utilize every possibility into bringing the gallery to the next level.

Another important part to sustainability is financial stability. Not only for the gallery but for the artists as well. On a primary market level this means working closely with the artists for the shows to ensure best quality in works, especially on a long term level. This in turn means that the gallery is able to provide its clients with market stable and exclusive artworks. On a secondary market level research, awareness, inventory and contacts are key to having access to important works before they go public. This goes for auctions, art fairs and private sales.

Institutional projects are yet another big part of having a long term presence on the art market as a gallery. The intellectual, political and cultural importance of the arts in our society are undeniable and have been with us from the beginning of mankind. Helping to maintain and support these aspects of the art world, which are the gateway for the broad public to being part of it, is a long term goal of the gallery.

Last but not least it is integrity and credibility which are above all else the most important aspects to having good long term relationships with both artists and clients. Without them a gallery cannot hold up in the professional art world. This is achieved by having constant transparency and open communication on all sides.

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