Bank Street Arts

Sheffield, United Kingdom


  • 32-40 Bank Street
  • Sheffield S1 2DS
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

Wednesday - Saturday, 11am-4pm

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: Tram - Castle Square


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Bank Street Arts is an innovative cross-disciplinary Arts Centre in the heart of Sheffield that provides a home, venue and setting for a wide range of creative individuals and organisations, housing some of the best new art, writing and culture from across the region and throughout the UK.

Bank Street Arts is unique in terms of its structure and organization. As a self funded Arts Centre, we exist independently of outside funding bodies, giving us the freedom to determine our own remit and operate in ways that organisations at the behest of outside targets are unable to do. This freedom comes at a price in terms of budgets but delivers a premium in terms of flexibility and openness to ideas, suggestions and outside involvement – we do not need to overly define what we do and can respond quickly to suggestions, opportunities and requests.