AVR London




We are a collective of architecturally trained 3D artists who specialise in producing captivating architectural illustrations

Established by Joseph Robson, our studio of artists, architects and researchers work closely with some of the world’s most respected architects to produce convincing and captivating photo-montages, verified images, interiors or stylised portrayals of schemes at competition, planning or marketing stages. AVR London was the first architectural illustration practice in the UK to gain ISO 9001 quality assurance for verified images. We remain the only studio in the UK to hold this recognised quality standard. Our architectural training enables us to work in an intelligent and informed way, maximising the artwork’s impact. We have in-house photographers, large resources and a finely tuned methodology to ensure we can respond to tight client deadlines. Now working with the latest real-time technology, our partner company A-VR also produces fully immersive, real-time virtual environments.

Based in Shad Thames in a beautiful Victorian spice warehouse, we share space with one of London’s top architectural art galleries, Anise Gallery. Over the last 10 years we have produced over 10,000 images and several hours of video for numerous internationally renowned projects such as The Shard, Liverpool Everyman Theatre, Nine Elms Regeneration and NEO Bankside.