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In a world where contemporary art is evolving rapidly, one name stands out as a beacon of innovation and heritage: Gela Mikava. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Zugdidi, Georgia, Mikava’s journey as a visual artist is as remarkable as his creations themselves.

Born into a family of IDPs from Abkhazia, Mikava’s artistic prowess manifested at a tender age of 6 when he clinched his first art competition victory by sketching the Coat of Arms of Georgia with chalk. This early triumph foreshadowed the extraordinary trajectory of his career, marked by a profound commitment to redefining the boundaries of art and storytelling.

Mikava’s chosen canvas is not conventional; it’s a testament to his reverence for history and his desire to breathe life into forgotten narratives. Opting for Soviet-era cotton fabric stretch ceilings, often discarded during renovations, Mikava imbues his work with layers of heritage and memory. Each canvas bears witness to countless moments, carrying the weight of stories, emotions, and memories etched into its fibers.

What distinguishes Mikava’s artistry is his profound connection to his canvas and its past. With each stroke of his brush, he honors the legacy ingrained within these stretch ceilings, allowing them to guide his artistic expression and tell their own stories through his work.

Yet, Mikava’s artistic exploration transcends traditional painting; it ventures into the realm of sculpture. Here, he resurrects discarded household items and children’s toys, infusing them with new purpose and significance. His sculptures are not just aesthetic marvels; they are a testament to his mission to elevate the ordinary and forge meaningful connections between diverse materials.

At the heart of Mikava’s philosophy lies the belief that the most powerful expressions emerge from the fusion of different materials and mediums. His art captures the imagination, transcending time to evoke profound emotions and narratives. Each piece he creates is a testament to his vision and the rich histories woven into the materials he meticulously selects.

For those seeking to invest in contemporary art that embodies innovation, heritage, and timeless storytelling, Gela Mikava stands as an artist of unparalleled promise. His creations not only adorn spaces but also enrich them with narratives that resonate across generations, making him a compelling choice for collectors and connoisseurs alike.


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