Cultural Organisation

Arte Communications




Since 1984 Arte Communications has been active in the sector of culture and art to promote the realisation of the structural conditions that can stimulate the development of the production and creation of contemporary artistic events and to encourage the cooperation between the main international organisations in the art sector. Through its experience, it has developed consolidated relationships established with major institutions, museums, foundations, galleries, thus facilitating contacts at an international level.

Since 1994 Arte Communications collaborated with the Venice Biennale for the participation of the following national pavilions and collateral events. Paolo De Grandis, President of Arte Communications, instituted the new pavilions out of the canonical areas of Giardini and Arsenale, that are now an integral part of the Venice Biennale, and presented many new international participations. In the 1995 he organized and curated the first official participation of Taiwan at the Venice Biennale. Since 1995 Paolo De Grandis realized 87 exhibitions (41 National Participations and 46 Collateral Events): as well as the participations of Georgia, Portugal, Arab Syrian Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Luxemburg, Indonesia, Iran, Republic of Macedonia, he promoted the debut of pavilions of Taiwan (International Art Exhibition 1995), Estonia (International Art Exhibition 1997), Latvia (International Art Exhibition 1999 - International Architecture Exhibition 2002), Ukraine (International Art Exhibition 2001 - International Architecture Exhibition 2002), Jamaica (International Art Exhibition 2001), Singapore (International Art Exhibition 2001 - International Architecture Exhibition 2004), Hong Kong (International Art Exhibition 2001 – International Architecture Exhibition 2006), Morocco (International Art Exhibition 2005), Macao (International Art Exhibition 2007), Republic of Gabon (International Art Exhibition 2009), Principality of Monaco (International Art Exhibition 2009), Andorra (International Art Exhibition 2011).

Arte Communications organises the yearly exhibition OPEN International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, based on a consolidated and successful exhibition formula in which the “artist-country” combination and the outdoor spaces at Venice Lido become an international platform of exchange and interaction on which to rethink and redefine the current status of art through the meeting of artists, curators, institutions, embassies and ministries.