Commissioning Body

Art on The Underground




Art on the Underground has an incredible track record in commissioning high-calibre contemporary artworks for London Underground. Launched in 2000 to promote greater understanding of the Tube as a cultural and social environment, Art on the Underground’s mission is to work with leading artists to create extraordinary projects across Transport for London, enriching customers’ journeys today and for the future.

Art on the Underground mission:

– Present extraordinary contemporary art for our unique audience: our customers, staff and the diverse communities of London.

– Strengthen Transport for London’s links with the people it serves by engaging audiences, re-imagining spaces, and changing the way we experience the city.

– Build on London Underground’s artistic and design legacy with a diverse programme of temporary and permanent art projects.

– Champion contemporary art in London – reflecting the global city with a global audience – working with artists from around the world; from those with an established reputation to those at the beginning of promising careers.

The programme is achieved through a various strands, including temporary and permanent commissions, from the Pocket Tube map cover series to the ongoing Line Series, commissioning artworks across entire Tube lines connected by an overarching theme, engaging new areas and reaching new audiences across the network.

For London Underground’s 150th Anniversary in 2013, Art on the Underground commissioned Turner Prize winning artist Mark Wallinger to create Labyrinth, a permanent artwork for each of the 270 stations on the network.

Building on past successes, Art on the Underground is at the forefront of contemporary debate about how art can shape public space. Art on the Underground is an ambitious, risk-taking programme. We support new work that acknowledges and addresses the Tube’s vast public as they pass through public space, focusing attention upon shared experiences. Capitalising on the Tube’s unique spaces and infrastructure, Art on the Underground presents contemporary art as an essential part of millions of journeys.