Cultural Organisation

Art Cube Artists' Studios

Jerusalem, Israel


  • 26 HaOman St., 4th floor, Talpiot
  • Jerusalem
  • Center District
  • 9342180
  • Israel

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Gallery hours:
Mon. 10:00-16:00
Wed. 10:00-16:00
Thurs. 12:00-20:00
Fri. 10:00-14:00


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Art Cube Artists' Studios complex in Talpiot is a center for contemporary culture which offers a rich and inspiring work environment for visual artists. The complex is comprised of subsidized studio spaces for Jerusalem-based artistsa gallery which holds temporary exhibitions, curatorial visits and public lectures, as well as an international residency program that includes collaborations with Israeli and international art institutions. In addition to these activities, the Art Cube Artists' Studios also houses Manofim –Contemporary Art in Jerusalem

The Art Cube Artists' Studios was established in 1982 by the Jerusalem Foundation. It was the first Israeli art institution to offer artists a subsidized work space for an extensive period of time, in the aim of fostering artistic practice in Jerusalem. The complex includes 15 studios for professional artists from all fields of visual art. The artists, who are selected by an artistic committee, can work in the complex for a period of up to five years. Over the years, the Studios hosted some of the best artists working in Israel, including Larry Abramson, Asaf Ben Zvi, Amnon Ben Ami, Avi Sabach, Masha Zusman, Etti Abergel, Shai Azoulay and more. 

The complex includes Art Cube Gallery – a public gallery that compliments and exposes the artists' activity in the studios. In addition, it hosts contemporary exhibitions and projects created especially for the Gallery, thus taking an active and influential part in the artistic-cultural discourse in Jerusalem. 

The Gallery was founded in 2010 thanks to the Georges and Jenny Bloch Foundation, 
the Dr. Georg and Josi Guggenheim Foundation, and the Adolf and Mary Mil Foundation, and operates at the Art Cube Artists' Studios with the continued support of the Lloyd Foundation, through the Jerusalem Foundation.

The Gallery's curatorial and artistic vision stems from the overall perception of the Art Cube Artists' Studios as a center for contemporary culture and a rich environment for artists. The exhibitions held at the gallery are the product of an open call, allowing for a diversity of voices and talents, and receive a wide public and professional acclaim. Furthermore, they are the outcome of the Curatorial Visits program, in which curators are invited to the Art Cube Artists' Studios for studio visits, after which they are encouraged to propose an exhibition for the Gallery. Each exhibition is accompanied by a trilingual catalogue (in Hebrew, Arabic, and English), handed out to the gallery's visitors free of charge. 
The exhibitions are accompanied by a program of gallery talks, lectures, workshops, and open studio events, aimed for the general public and for the resident artists. Thus, the Gallery generates opportunities for independent curators and emerging artists to work in an enabling, experimental, process-oriented environment. In addition, the Art Cube Artists' Studios aspires to create interdisciplinary encounters and to work in collaboration with and in relation to its surroundings. 

Manofim - Contemporary Art in Jerusalem is aimed at fostering contemporary art in Jerusalem and transforming it into a vibrant and dynamic cultural center for artists and art lovers. It is an independent initiative of artists and creators who live and work in the city. The project is lead by the artists Lee he Shulov and Rinat Edelstein and is managed by the Art Cube Artists' Studios association. 

Art Cube Artists' Studios Staff:
Director - Lee He Shulov
​Producer - Yali Reichert
Programming Assistant - Shira Barak
Artistic Advisor and curator of the International Residency Program - Maayan Sheleff
Technical staff - Jacques Fhima

The Art Cube ​Artist's Studios artistic committee
Maayan Sheleff (head of committee), Gilly Karjevsky, Yigal Zalmona, Emmanuel Witzthum, and Tal Yahas 
Guest committee member for 2015 – Nathalie Anglès, executive director, Residency Unlimited, New York

Associated exhibitions and events