Independent Space

Anonima Kunsthalle

Varese, Italy


  • Via San Pedrino, 4
  • Varese
  • Lombardia
  • 21100
  • Italy

Opening times

by appointment

Travel Information

Bus: Magenta 37
Train: Regional train from Milan


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Anonima Kunsthalle is located on a tiled wall of a former kitchen at Zentrum in Varese. The artistic director changes every year, therefore the research and the activities of the organization can deeply mutate in time.

In 2017 the invited artistic director Gabriele Tosi proposes a programming based on a research about the human nature to understand the environment harvesting data that has to become forms. The programming includes a series of 8 group shows and and a tumblr where contents of the web related to the topic of the exhibitions are reblogged on a daily bases.

Exhibiting artists