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More than 20 years Akbank Sanat has been involved in many different fields for the development of art in Turkey. So far Akbank Sanat have created an extensive arts and culture program which covers series of works in the field of publishing, music, performing arts and visual arts. 

In 2013 Akbank Sanat is celebrated its 20th year. The Center is supporting the development of contemporary arts in Turkey and hosting many international projects in different artistic fields, giving special attention to empowering young artists by creating opportunities for their artistic development.

Akbank Sanat with the mission of being "the place where change never ends", organizing more than 700 events throughout the year and hosts a wide range of events such as exhibitions, modern dance performances, classical music recitals, jazz concerts, panel discussions, children's workshops, film screenings and theatrical performances. 

Akbank Sanat which is located on Istiklal Avenue, at the heartland of Istanbul, composed of six floors.

Entrance Floor and First Floor - Contemporary Art Gallery
Hosted 150 exhibitions since 1993, the Contemporary Art Gallery is showcasing various projects throughout the year. In addition to the works of globally acclaimed local / international artists, emerging artists and curators are given the chance to present their projects. With the projects such as "International Curator Competition" and "Akbank Contemporary Artists Prize" organized by Akbank Sanat; it is one of the pioneer organizations that offer the emerging artists and curators the opportunity to realize their exhibitions.

The Second Floor - Multi-purpose Hall:
125-people capacity Hall have hosted hundreds of concerts so far. Mini festivals and concerts such as "Piano Days", "Guitar Days" and "Jazz Days" are organized in theMulti-purpose Hall.
In addition to music events, the Hall showcases Akbank Short Film Festival's screenings; plays performed by Akbank Children's Theatre; and various discussion panels, Master classes and talks.

The Third Floor - The Contemporary Art Studio:
The studio works to support contemporary art's theoretical and practical fields and to create a thought platform relating to contemporary art. Thematic workshops on cinema, photography, philosophy, art history, literature, contemporary art and events like talks and discussion panels with the participation of the writers, poets, directors and critics are organized in The Contemporary Art Studio. 
The Studio hosts workshops for children organized by expert trainers such as; "Toy Sculpture", "Watercolor in the Water", creative drama, and linoleum printing which are contributing to the artistic development of the children. 
The third floor is used also as a Serigraph / Lithography Studio.

The Fourth Floor -  Library and Café
Established to offer visionary works across all artistic areas within the framework of “contemporary art” and serve as the best supporter of contemporary art in Turkey, Akbank Art Library features the works published by Akbank Sanat Publications and encompasses a wide range of other publications including modern art, art history, cinema, photography, painting, architecture, music, psychoanalysis, sociology, philosophy, etc. The library of Akbank Sanat is open between 2 PM and 7 PM everyday (except for Sundays and Mondays), serving as a reference resource with its ever-growing list of new publications.

Akbank Sanat Library open from Tuesday to Saturday between 14:00 and 19:00.

The Sixth Floor - The Dance Studio:
Open rehearsals, workshops coordinated by guest choreographers, dance classes for adults and children, technical lectures given by local / international trainers are organized at the Dance Studio. 

Derya Bigalı 
Faruk Eczacıbaşı 
Hakan Binbaşgil 
Doç. Dr. Hasan Bülent Kahraman 
Hayri Çulhacı 
Leyla Alaton 
Nezih Barut 
Paul McMillen 
Suzan Sabancı Dinçer