Brussels, Belgium


  • 186 rue Washington
  • Brussels
  • Brussels
  • 1050
  • Belgium

Opening times

Tuesday - Friday 13.00 - 18.30, Saturday 14.00-18.00
or by appointment (closed on Public Holidays)

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Tube / Metro: Metro Louise
Bus: Tram 92 & 94


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The aesthetic line at AEROPLASTICS gives priority to works that propose an immediate visual accessibility, but then still harbouring multiple levels of interpretation. What for it’s director Jerome Jacobs is essential, is that the viewer doesn’t stop at first impressions, that he or she goes away thinking about what they’ve seen – or think to have seen. Gavin Turk, for example, a regular exhibitor at the gallery and whose work is based on the likeness and the copy, perfectly illustrates this thread of thought.

During an age mainly dominated by neo-conceptual aesthetics, Aeroplastics differs markedly in its programming that focuses on the image and the panoply of challenges this presents. Through the richness and variety of its exhibitions, Aeroplastics contemporary is a one of a kind, and rightly holds its unique place on the landscape of Brussels and Belgian galleries.

Represented Artists

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